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Towards a Standardized Research Folder Structure - survey

We have developed a folder structure template for research projects (see figure below), and are eager to get the feedback of researchers of different disciplines, in order to optimize it. This version of the template was created with neuroscience projects in mind, and designed to be used in combination with a git-based data management platform, like GIN (G-Node infrastructure) or GitLab. Its use would thrive an homogenization of file organization, which we think will ease data management and facilitate research collaboration.


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Folder structure (v.2.1). The template works mostly on the project level (one unique folder for all files related to one project). The experiment level is taken care by specifying several experiment sub-folders when new experiments are started. By sharing specific subfolder independently in a cloud solution, one can reorganize information in cross-project directories that host subfolders coming from different projects. Note that both the creation of experiment subfolders and the creation of laboratory level organization is automated in GIN-tonic.
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NB: tonic implements functions to (1) create repositories from the template, with predefined sharing options for your lab "organization", and (2) create folders for each experiment. It is still in development.

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