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Understanding User Perception and Intention to Use Smart Home for Energy Efficiency

Thank you for participating in this survey for my master’s thesis!

I am currently enrolled at Humboldt University Berlin in Germany, studying information systems. With this survey, I would like to investigate the perceptions of people who are currently using smart home systems in their homes and how this influences their energy management and consumption behavior. Understanding how people are using smart home systems can help to improve the existing systems and optimize usability.

In this survey, smart home is defined as a home “… in which data related to a home environment and its residents are obtained from sensors, electric appliances, or smart home hub and transferred through a network of communication tools to a monitoring device or execution unit to help decide on or execute proper actions called services. These services are provided either automatically or directly through a remote or central control system to facilitate or improve the residents’ daily lives” (Kamel & Memari, 2019). The central smart home hub (also referred to as ‘gateway’) has a user interface which can interact with tablets, mobile phones, or computers (Alaa et al., 2017). The smart home system can be connected to various applications, such as air conditioning, heating, ventilation, lighting, security systems, or entertainment devices, amongst others.

Please only participate in this survey if you are a current user of a smart home. There are no right or wrong answers, I am only interested in your personal point of view. This survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes.

The survey is anonymous and cannot be tracked back to you. All data will only be used for research purposes. If you have any questions about this survey, you can contact me via leeheeu[at]hu-berlin.de.

This survey is anonymous.

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